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Projects and Products List

Pharmaceutical Organizations can deliver their products in an interactive way with full dynamic report platform

Users can acquire, deliver, create, manage and access all types of contents with ease and security

EHS Egypt Hypertension society "Automation System"

Notes WebApplication for registration and buying acadimic note

A Stock market website which contais many feature help the invistors in taking descisions to buy or sell shares in diffrent companies

Design and development of mobile applications for internal communications

Design and development of mobile application for official media speakers  


Design and development of web portal for internal communications and external use.

Integrate the internal application with the web portal


e-Detailing solution is a complete platform for Pharmaceutical organizations for communicating, presenting and delivering its products in addition to full dynamic reporting sytem and various automated mechanisms that allow easily measure and analyze field data.

Engage your customers with interactive tool also track your sales team performance.